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Esotericism 101: Spirituality, Magic and The Occult

Esotericism 101: Spirituality, Magic and The Occult Exploring the World of Magic: A Beginner's Guide to Western Spirituality and Esotericism


Looking to deepen your understanding of Western spiritual paths? Our course offers an exploration of the most influential esoteric traditions, including Hermeticism, Alchemy, Gnosticism, Thelema, Kabbalah, French occultism, Neopaganism, and more.

Spiritual knowledge has been accumulated by mankind for thousands of years, with disciplines such as astrology, alchemy, geometry, and mathematics offering insights into the mysteries of existence. The ancients perceived everything as a manifestation of a single Supreme Power, an endless spiritual Energy that unites all: The Alpha and the Omega.

Unfortunately, much of this universal knowledge has been forgotten over time. The quest for institutional control and power led to the neglect of universal truths, and followers of the spiritual Path were often oppressed.

Now, it is our duty to remember our spiritual roots, and to reflect upon the spiritual world just as much as the physical. As we approach the threshold of death, only the insights we've accumulated will remain with us. Physical objects will stay behind, but the insights gained through our physical experience will persist indefinitely.

To begin your exploration of these spiritual mysteries, a strong foundation in esoteric theory and history is essential. Join our course and discover the timeless wisdom of these ancient traditions.

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