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Five Signs Of A Healthy Christian

Five Signs Of A Healthy How To Be A Spirituality Healthy and Vibrant Christian

Learn how to be a spiritually healthy and vibrant Christian

Personal health is on everyone’s mind—our emotional health, physical health, and relational health. It is all with good reason. 

When things are unhealthy, bad things start to happen. But what about the health of our Christian experience? This book is full of wisdom and will lead the reader to investigate their own spiritual health and make adjustments where necessary. What five signs? As far as indicators of spiritual health, there are many that we could have chosen. 

We chose five that are general indicators that we are spiritually alive. If you keep focused on these five signs of a Healthy Christian, praying over each of them, and taking baby steps toward improving where needed, you will find yourself living a healthy Christian life. A healthy Christian loves Jesus, loves God’s Word, is emotionally resilient, is led by the Spirit, and is outwardly focused (on-mission with Jesus). 

This course will help motivate and encourage you in maintaining a deep and meaningful spiritual life. In this course, you will find an introduction and five lessons. You will received a PDF of the book, Five Signs Of A Healthy Christian and corresponding videos for each lesson.

The teacher, Ron Ovitt is an author, ordained minister, pastoral counselor, recovery coach, podcaster, and public speaker. He specializes in emotional resilience, anxiety, habits, relationships, and Christian spirituality and discipleship.

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