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Make Online Games Using Unity's NEW Multiplayer Framework

Make Online Games Using Unity's NEW Multiplayer Framework A comprehensive course on Unity's Netcode For GameObjects (NGO). Intermediate C#. Networking. Gameplay and more.

What you'll learn

  • Create an online multiplayer game using Unity’s NEW Netcode for GameObjects (NGO) framework
  • Use Unity Gaming Services (UGS) Relay & Lobby to be able to self host without the need for port forwarding and sharing IP’s
  • Create a multiplayer top-down shooter that you can modify and turn into your own fun creation
  • Build the skills to make your own competitive or cooperative multiplayer game in any genre
  • Add core gameplay (making your tanks move, shoot, collect coins etc) as well as more advanced features like leaderboards, mini maps and and bounties
  • Deploy to UGS to allow for dedicated Game Server Hosting
  • Implement UGS Matchmaker so players can queue up and be automatically connected to a dedicated server
  • Play with 20 or more people online simultaneously

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