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Spirituality for Beginners - A taste of everything holistic

Spirituality for Beginners - A taste of everything holistic For the curious mind, who doesn't know where to begin


Have you felt a calling to explore spiritual practices, but don't know what fields interest you?

My home made video skills are getting better, but the information in my courses are Priceless. Have you every wanted to know why people use incense, chant and align their chakras. The answers are all here, now at your fingertips.

I promise not to turn you into a tie dye hippie - unless that's what you wanted - haha.

This course is designed for you to glimpse a whole host of spiritual practices. Some might interest you and make you want to explore even deeper. Others you may take a cursory glance at and not be interested at all. Any path you find yourself walking is meant to be. Trust your internal compass to guide you on this journey.

I've dabbled in many holistic practices and not all have tickled my taste buds. That is the true beauty of a course that is going to touch base on everything in my wheelhouse. From chakras to colour therapy. From Numerology to Runes. these things excite me and I hope to pass this enthusiasm to you.

This course will be every expanding as I add new skills that I learn on the way. You will always have access to this course and it's new chapters. Join me on the journey that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Upcoming additions not yet created:

Space Clearings



Star Signs and Retrogrades

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