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Design Impactful PowerPoint Presentations

Simple process for designing presentations that PERSUADE. Slides & decks INCLUDED

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What you'll learn

  • Get my proven formula to create winning slides
  • Learn to properly set up your deck
  • Learn how to simplify and emphasize your points
  • Learn how to work with images, charts, and tables
  • Learn best practices with transitions and animations
  • Learn how to strengthen your titles


  • No design or tech skills are required. This is for PowerPoint beginners.

Level up your pitch and business decks. Get the proven formula for slides that convert!

No design or PowerPoint experience needed.

I'm your instructor and a professional presentation designer.  I:

Work with international companies like Indeed, Samsung, and Zola

I've designed official TED Talks and the winning pitch deck for one of Time Magazine's Best Inventions of the Year

My pitch decks raised over $1 billion last year

The step-by-step tutorials in this course will transform your slides into compelling visual experiences that give a clear message and get you traction.

What's unique about this course

Pitch-focused courses cover slide content.  But they gloss over effective design or suggest you use templates

While PowerPoint-focused courses go straight into design tricks: they ignore content principles and feel like a dump of PowerPoint features.

This course takes a holistic approach. 

In just a few lessons, you'll learn my design formula and learn the most essential PowerPoint features to create slides that convert. And you can download the slides I design and use them in all your future presentations.

What I'll cover:

  • How to edit and design for your content
  • How to edit and focus your message
  • How to strengthen your titles
The most important PowerPoint design strategies that are focused on enhancing and clarifying your content

I've chosen the lesson topics based on my experience as a professional presentation designer, who's worked on dozens of business and pitch decks. The knowledge I share will give you a process for maximum impact.

The Perfect Pitch has a comprehensive curriculum

The course is delivered through short and easy-to-follow demo lessons, 39 in all:

Section 1: Your Deck Setup

Section 2: Pre-Design: Simple Content

Section 3: Emphasis

Section 4: Great Supporting Visuals

Section 5: Charts, Tables, & Maps

Section 6: Movement: Transitions & Animations

EXTRA Section 7: Edit for Consistency

EXTRA Section 8: Transferring to Google Slides

Additionally, you'll get bonus downloadable resources

  • EXTRA Custom Photo Shapes Deck
  • EXTRA Editable Maps
  • EXTRA Editable Project Table
  • And many more custom designed slides
Join our dozens of clients who've seen massive results. Imagine how you're going to feel:

when you walk into your next presentation with a strong, polished deck
  • you will have slides that get you traction
  • you will have visuals that clarify your message
  • and you won't have to spend hours on your slides

Who this course is for:

  • Business leaders who create decks for high stakes meetings
  • CEOs & founders of start ups who are pitching to raise funds
  • Presenters who need to get real traction from their presentations
  • Designers or assistants in companies who are tasked with designing and polishing presentations
  • No design or tech skills required!

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