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Dominate Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables for data analysis

Tables, Pivot Tables, filtering data, calculated fields and items, grouping and subtotals, Pivot Charts and Power Pivot.

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What you'll learn

  • Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts for data analysis by crossing information, grouping and various types of filtering.
  • Power Pivot and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for following up strategic metrics for the achievement of a goal, the so called "The Vital few"..
  • Notions and concepts of tables, including it's formal definition and the advantages of this feature.
  • Data Model and Relationships which implies to understand Relational Database notions and how to apply this concept under Power Pivot.
To be an user of Excel, at least familiar with the basic operations.
All organizations need to analyze data on their activity to find out trends, strengths, weaknesses, and other aspects to understand the waters they sail on, and Pivot Tables it’s an excellent tool for this purpose. A must to learn for any manager.

If your aim is to learn quickly, smoothly, and thoroughly this tool, going directly to the point, you came to the right place.

Based on more than 25 years of experience as an Excel trainer and business manager, this course reflects this wide and versatile knowledge, delivered to you in a tray with juicy content.

You’ll acquire proficiency in Excel by dominating matters such as notions about tables and the advantages of their formal definition, creation, and reconfiguration of Pivot Tables, diverse types of filtering data, defining calculated fields and items, grouping data and subtotals, Pivot Charts and Power Pivot, amongst others.
Course content:

Tables: - Notions and Concepts

  1. Introduction to Tables
  2. Formal Definition of a Table
  3. Removing Duplicates
  4. Basic Features of a Formal Table
  5. Automation Settings
  6. Structured Referencing
  7. Pivot Tables - Creation and Reconfiguration
  8. Introduction to Pivot Tables
  9. Creating a Pivot Table
  10. Filter Field
  11. Reconfiguring a Pivot Table
  12. Totals and Grand Totals
  13. Layout and Styles
  14. Pivot Tables - Fields Settings and Calculations
  15. Values Fields Settings
  16. Item Fields Settings
  17. Creating Calculated Fields
  18. Creating Calculated Items
  19. Pivot Tables - Grouping
  20. Date Grouping
  21. General Grouping
  22. Columns  Grouping
  23. Pivot Tables - Filters
  24. Slicer Filter
  25. Timeline Filter
  26. Pivot Charts
  27. Inserting a Pivot Chart
  28. General Tasks with Pivot Charts
  29. Power Pivot - Installation and Introduction
  30. Power Pivot -  Add-In Installation
  31. Power Pivot - Database Notions - Introduction
  32. Power Pivot - Database Notions - Relational  Database
  33. Power Pivot - Definining Lists as Tables
  34. Power Pivot - Data Model and Pivot Tables
  35. Adding Tables to the Data Model
  36. Creating Relationships
  37. Creating a Pivot Table of a Data Model
  38. Power Pivot - Calculated Fields
  39. Calculated Fields - Introduction
  40. Creating Calculated Fields
  41. Calculated Fields - Using in a Pivot Table
  42. Power Pivot - KPIs - Key Performance Indicators
  43. Key Performance Indicators - Introduction
  44. Creating KPIs Metrics
  45. Applying KPIs in a Pivot Table

Who this course is for:

  • Those needing to do data analysis in-depth with Pivot Tables and want to go directly to the point without wasting their time with side matters.

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