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Medical Writing with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Learn to use artificial intelligence (AI) in your medical writing business!

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What you'll learn

  • Use AI Writers to create headers, intros, and other fundamental parts of medical writing products
  • Create a few of the most common types of medical writing products using AI writers
  • Use AI writers to find companies hiring medical writers in the student's field
  • Discover whether AI writers are truly accurate


  • No experience needed. Just an interest in learning more about AI writers!
From the instructor of the top-selling Medical Writing for Healthcare Professionals!

This course will give you an introduction to using AI writers to write in the medical and life sciences fields. I teach using screenshots, so you watch while I write entire articles with AI in front of you.

Use ChatGPT, WriteSonic, Jasper, or any other AI writer to

Write articles, clinical trial summaries, and more in less than half the time!

You get lifetime access to this course with your investment in your development and growth.

This course is divided into the following sections:

  • AI writing tools: There are a ton of AI tools out there. Learn about a few of them that are especially important to medical writing.
  • Limitations of AI: How accurate are AI writers? We'll purposely try to make AI write inaccurate statements to see how well it performs.
  • The fundamentals: Learn how to create the nuts and bolts of articles, like title, intros and conclusions, and headers.
  • Use cases: Watch as I create a few products that you will commonly be asked to create as a medical writer. We'll write CE needs assessments, clinical trial summaries, and consumer health articles.
Read just a sample of my 600+ reviews and counting from my other top-rated medical writing course, Medical Writing for Healthcare Professionals:

It was an eye-opener as there was a lot to learn. The instructor delivered the lectures in an easy-to-follow format. - Maureen O.

I found Alex's course to be helpful to find potential jobs. (I found one!) The reference section and powerpoint were extremely helpful as a medical profession who hasn't made presentations in awhile! - Courtney D.

Lots of great information-- like drinking from a fire hose. It's helpful to be able to back up and review parts that went by too quickly or that I didn't see because I was taking notes. - Therese G.

Alex is an excellent presenter, the course is comprehensive, and I learned a lot of tips and tricks, and things I would not have considered. It was very useful to me as a clinician exploring medical writing as a career. Excellent value for money. Great work and thank you. - Greg T.

Who this course is for:

  • Experienced medical writers wanting to get their work done more quickly
  • Experienced medical writers wanting to improve the quality of their work
  • New and aspiring medical writers wanting to develop their medical writing skills
  • New and experienced medical writers interested in using AI to land their next job

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