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Practical Analysis of Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Anterior total hip approach & revision total hip replacement

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What you'll learn

  • Basics of the anterior approach to the hip
  • Key points of primary anterior hip arthroplasty
  • Advanced Technical Considerations
  • Anterior approach for acetabular revision
  • Anterior approach to femoral revision


  • Doctors who have performed procedures related to anterior approach total hip replacement
Practical Analysis of Anterior Total Hip Replacement

About this course

This course gives a detailed explanation of the anterior total hip approach from simple to deep, starting from the knowledge of hip joint anatomy, to the interpretation of intraoperative fluoroscopy and X-ray films, and finally to the acetabular revision technique. 

A large number of cases and surgical videos are used for detailed analysis. It is helpful to deepen the understanding of the theoretical knowledge of total hip arthroplasty and the application of clinical practical techniques.

The chapter of this course

  • Overview of anterior hip arthroplasty
  • Primary anterior hip arthroplasty
  • Advanced technique of DAA hip arthroplasty
  • Anterior approach for acetabular revision
  • Anterior approach to femoral revision
  • About Prof. Jonathan Yerasimides
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Orthopedics, University of Louisville
  • Fellow in Adult Reconstructive Joint Surgery, University of Louisville
  • Fellow, Department of Orthopaedic Trauma, University of Louisville
Professor Yerasimides has extensive theoretical and practical experience in the anterior total hip approach. His course will take us from the history and development of the anterior hip approach, intraoperative fluoroscopy and X-ray interpretation such as relatively basic content, to the analysis of related advanced techniques, to the relevant points of revision techniques. From the basic to the advanced, and then to the advanced, layer by layer, gradually in-depth, suitable for different levels of doctors to learn.

Anterior approach total hip replacement: Have performed over 4,000 primary total hip replacements. National and international expert and consultant for surgeon education for this procedure. Taught more than 60 cadaver courses on anterior approach to orthopaedic surgeons throughout the country and host surgeons for one-on-one teaching.

Anterior approach total hip revision: Have performed over 500 revision hip replacements. One of a very small group of surgeons nationwide who routinely performs revision hip arthroplasty through the anterior approach. Pelvis and acetabular trauma: Completed one year fellowship with the leading authority in this field, Dr. Joel Matta.

Who this course is for: