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How To Rapidly Make 2D And 3D Game Art

Using Open Source tools to easily make high-quality art for your games

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What you'll learn

  • How to make detailed textures for 3d models with a low-poly retro style
  • How to quickly make nice-looking minimalist 2d art for horror games
  • How to easily make rotoscoped animations for your games
  • How to make simple vfx for your 2d games

Using IK Animations to Animate a Top-Down Character's Arms
Creating An Environment and Adding Vfx to Make Your Game Pop


  • Intermediate-level experience in Blender or equivalent 3d software
  • Intermediate-level experience in Krita or equivalent 2d software
  • Intermediate-level experience in Godot or equivalent game engine

I am a professional indie game developer who has released successful games that are both 2d (Endoparasitic) and 3d (Wrought Flesh). 

In this course you will learn the techniques I use to quickly make high-quality 2d and 3d art for my games. This includes rotoscoped animations, IK based animations, stencil painted textures, and 2d vfx that makes simple art pop and look great.

In the 2D section I cover making a player character that uses IK for the upper body and rotoscoped animations for their lower body, a monster made of silhouetted blobs, simple sprite styles for making interesting environments, and vfx to make it all look good.

In the 3D section I cover making a humanoid monster character, with specific focus on my texturing style. While I only cover making a character, the same techniques can be easily applied for texturing environmental assets.

This is a fast-paced course that rapidly summarizes my techniques, the videos are not intended to be followed step-by-step, but rather watched to learn the general steps and mindset I take when creating art.

This course is aimed at game developers experienced with 3d modelling software such as Blender, game development tools like Godot, and 2d art software such as Krita. If you are not confident in your abilities with these or similar tools, this course is not for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate Game Developers who want to learn some tricks to make better art faster for their games