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Unreal Ultimate Vehicle, Drivable Racing & Chasing Mechanics

Vehicle Mechanics with blueprint. Create Drivable, Racing and Chasing Mechanics. Similar to Need For Speed

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What you'll learn

  • Setup Chaos Vehicle System
  • Make a drivable car
  • Know about all important parameters in Chaos
  • Know how to switch action cameras
  • Learn to use projectile system
  • Create an awesome Racing AI mechanics
  • Learn collision avoidance and AI car mechanics
  • Learn to use Unreal's Navigation System
  • Make Police AI car which can group together and chase Player
  • Boost your programming skills with Blueprint
  • Don't expect to make a full packaged game out of this, this course is only focused on game mechanics only


  • Not for absolute beginners
  • Little bit of experience with Unreal and Blueprint is needed
  • Some knowledge of Vector Algebra, Mathematics is appreciated
This is a course of advanced vehicle mechanics using Unreal Engine and Blueprint. The course begins with drivable vehicle mechanics. And we will also implement engine sound system and action camera mechanics in this section.

In the next section we will implement racing functionality. We will make a AI racing car which will be potent enough to beat the player car. In this section we will also make use of line trace and build collision avoidance system. In this section our focus will be to make a racing car which will maximize the speed taking care of safety.

Next we will use unreal's navigation system and will implement some Chasing Mechanics. Where we will develop a police car which will chase the player. Also when the player car is out of their sight they will roam around at some random location in search of the player car.

This course requires some experience with Unreal Engine. If you have previously created any project using unreal then you are good to follow along with this course.

This course can boost your ability to program with blueprint. You will learn a lots of techniques here. Starting from Input key mapping up to advanced racing and chasing mechanics. There is no such course available on the internet with this topic till now. And I am really glad to share these knowledges with you.

Who this course is for:

  • Unreal Beginners who want to boost their skills with blueprint
  • Unreal Intermediates who want to know about vehicle mechanics and AI
  • Hobbyist Learners
  • Programmers seeking to learn about Unreal Engine and Vehicle Mechanics