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How to Draw Cute Cartoon Characters

Today we will show you how to draw cute cartoon characters by using semicolons " ; " - as well as other simple geometric shapes, alphabet letters, and numbers.

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What you'll learn

  • Understand what it takes to create a cute cartoon character of your own.
  • Confidently practice and develop your own style based on clear examples
  • Define and sketch the many different body parts within the core groups of head, torso and limbs
  • Replay the lessons you might need more practice with. All clips are recored in HD and have clear audio
  • Start to grow an audience who are interested in cartoons (Instagram @bencolefax)


NEW! - Updated Digital Drawing Section!
Previous Update: March 2020 - New Video Lecture! (Male Hair Examples)
Previous Update: Printable Practice PDFs / 20+ New Video Lectures

Hey there, I'm Ben. I've been creating cute little characters for as long as I can remember - and I absolutely love it. Over many years of trial and error, I discovered techniques that make it easier to draw cute cartoons. Now, I'm passing on those secrets to help over 16,000 students discover their love of drawing 'kawaii' inspired (Japanese word for cute) characters of their own!

  • Have you always wanted to draw cute styled cartoons?
  • Would you like to learn some simple techniques that artists use everyday?
  • Are you a graphic artist wanting to get back to basics?
  • Are you a traditional artist wanting to expand your skills?
  • Are you a coder or game designer wanting to create your own characters?
  • Do you have kids that you'd like to teach?
  • Are you simply wanting to surprise your family and friends with a new skill?
Most students answer YES to at least one of these questions. For a lot of people, drawing is seen as a life skill they wish they had - and you can learn it right here in this easy to follow course


Whether you believe it or not, everyone has a basic level of artistic ability - I've seen it in every student. All that separates you from the most skilful artists are these three simple things:


Someone to help start you off in the right direction

Passion to keep learning - but, Isn't that why you're here?

My goal is to show you exactly what it takes to draw your own cartoons, as easy as possible. You'll be amazed by how quickly you'll learn.


For the price of a few cups of coffee you will receive high-definition video lessons showing you in detail how to draw cartoons. At completion you'll receive a Udemy Certification of Completion. Try this course risk free as refunds are accepted by Udemy, but barely ever used. Give it a go, I'm confident you'll love it.


Few things in life are as touching as giving a friend or family member a hand drawn card, something you put effort into. It's a skill you'll use for your entire life. I have given drawings to my closest friends, parents, sisters, my wife and now I'm passionately sharing these skills with my three young kids by drawing on their school lunch boxes. They think it's hilarious and that feeling is priceless. It's nice to be able to give something real and personal to someone you love.

Let me show you how to draw cute kawaii eyes, ears, hair, limbs, torsos - and the simple steps I take to breathe life into a  character. 

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