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Master Screen Printing Pre-Press: Best Techniques for 2024

This course includes: 6 hours on-demand video. 33 articles. 16 downloadable resources. 1 practice test. Full lifetime access. Access on mobile ...

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What you'll learn

  • History of Screen Printing
  • The modern pre-press techniques
  • Create the perfect proofing template, disclainers, Dealing with Screen Print Spoilage, and
  • Colour theory, RGB, CMY, CILAB (LAB), rendering intent, gamut, and colour space
  • Colour Management, Colour Matching, Pantones, and Callibration
  • Halftones, Moire, Screen Angles, Dot Gain, Dithering, FM/Stochastic, LPI, PPI, DPI, and Dot Shapes
  • Screen Printing, Screen Mesh, Squeegees, Exposing, Machines, Inks, and Accessories
  • Simulated Process Colour, Index Colour, CMYK, Grayscale, and Spot Colour Separations
  • Making a colour cromalin, an exact simulation was made from the separations to depict the printed result dot for dot.
  • Pre-press, producing film positives, laser and inkjet printers, imagesetters, making positives without a RIP or postscript
  • Safety in a print shop, Etiquette, and Motivation
  • Updated modern prepress techniques for 2024 and beyond.
  • Why you must think CMY instead of CMYK: Lean to unlock the key in process separations.
  • Advanced techniques in CorelDRAW and Photoshop related to pre-press
  • Making print-ready PDF separations for remote work
  • The Underbase, Clipping, Knocking out Black, Selectice Underbase, Vector Underbase, Highlight White, and the Key ("K" or "Black" in CMYK)

Although there are other courses offering something similar here and on the Internet, let me assure you that none are as comprehensive, complete, and up-to-date on the whole Internet even today, and choosing another course will only deprive you of the additional methods and tricks this has to offer. With this course under your belt, you can immediately start off your career as a screen printing pre-press technician, guaranteed—or your money back!

Not only will we not try to sell you any other apps or make you pay any more than what is asked now, but we will also save you a fortune in the long run. You may have already been tricked by some apps that say they can automate this process but never really do, or wasted money on additional extras you do need in a printer to print films, and so on. Think about it though, after 30 years of performing these processes manually himself, do you not think Colin would be using an app if it worked by now to automate this process?

Furthermore, this happens to be one of the rare processes and techniques that are extremely fun, fulfilling, and soothing to apply, which we like to compare to a fun hobby or activity that we want to do. You will never imagine hearing of a legal secretary asking her boss for additional work to pursue on a Sunday afternoon because she really enjoys it and finds it fun, but you may very likely find yourself doing just that with these skills, and get paid for them too. It's somewhat addictive I must say. Even though this course is quite long, you will be yearning for more afterwards too for those same reasons, and here is why;

In order to print a T-shirt, there are many processes required. It's true that anybody can create a design for a T-shirt, and anybody can print a T-shirt, but somewhere in between those steps lies a world of true wizardry and mastery, requiring knowledge, creativity and skills that no formal education has been able to offer. In fact, these skills are mostly well-guarded secrets, as having this edge in a competitive market can make or break any screen printer and, in many cases, set a small print shop on a course of rapacious growth and a lifetime of success that leaves the rest in their shadow, as most do not understand, don't know how, or have given up trying to reproduce prints that require decades of patience and spoiled goods to fully learn and apply correctly.

Elevate your career brand or printing business with award-winning screen printing pre-press mastery on an industrial level.

In the world of design and printing, mastering screen printing pre-press isn't just an art—it's a strategic leap that can transform your career and business in a way where you will never go without work again. This course, written and presented by Colin Fleming, a distinguished grandmaster screen printing pre-press technician with three decades of experience, is your gateway to unlocking the secrets of colour separations. Through these techniques, you'll tap into a lineage of expertise dating back to Colin's late father, who was the first person to screen print in Johannesburg over 60 years ago.

Colin's journey is woven into the fabric of Johannesburg's history. From his father, who pioneered t-shirt printing in the city, to his own extensive career servicing renowned print shops with colour separations and training, some are even closed for good today as the owners took early retirement. This course is a testament to a legacy of excellence that has shaped the industry. As you learn from Colin, you'll not only inherit time-honoured techniques but also a piece of history that spans continents and eras.

Screen printing is more than a craft; it's an agent of change. Just as Pop Art revolutionised the perception of art in the 1960s and propelled individuals like Andy Warhol to artistic stardom, screen-printed t-shirts have been at the forefront of countless movements, from cultural revolutions to political campaigns in South Africa to global social justice causes.

Through Colin's guidance, you'll tap into this transformative power, learning how to channel your designs into impactful statements that resonate through history.

Even in the face of digital advancement, the authenticity of a well-crafted screen-printed t-shirt remains unparalleled. The allure lies not just in the vibrant colours or intricate designs, but in the stories they tell and the emotions they evoke. As digital inks command prices that surpass even gold, the timeless charm of screen printing endures. It's a testament to quality over quantity, a nod to the undeniable worth of craftsmanship. Screen printing is NOT going to be replaced by digital ever, and the person who is willing to join the ranks of this rare and highly sought-after career choice as a screen printing prepress technician will be offered a lifetime of success and a guaranteed stable income for a lifetime.

Whether you're a freelance graphic designer seeking to elevate your portfolio or a print shop owner aiming for success, this course empowers you with invaluable skills. By mastering advanced colour separations, you're not just learning a technique—you're embracing a legacy, propelling your journey with knowledge that spans generations. Embrace the past, seize the present, and carve a path into the future of screen printing excellence.

Enrol today and embark on a transformative journey that fuses artistry and business acumen into an unstoppable force.

What you'll discover:

  1. Types of Colour Separations: Delve into the world of colour separations, exploring spot colours, index separations, simulated process colour separations, and CMYK. Explore not only established methods but also cutting-edge advancements still in development.
  2. Photoshop Techniques: Master the art of colour separation using Photoshop's powerful tools. Learn to employ colour range selection, manipulate channels, and harness the potential of layers to create precise and vivid separations.
  3. Halftones and Solid Printing: Develop an expert understanding of underbase, highlight white, and split black halftones. Uncover the secrets of translating intricate designs from digital to print, ensuring stunning results every time.
  4. Advanced Colour Matching: Acquire the skills to seamlessly blend different colour separation techniques, enabling you to produce top-tier screen prints tailored to various applications.
  5. Quality Control and Troubleshooting: Learn to create a Cromalin colour proof that mirrors the final print, enabling you to troubleshoot and approve your design before committing it to the press.
  6. Innovative Printing Approaches: Discover how to print halftones without a RIP or Postscript printer. Unlock the ability to print on a variety of films using a range of printers.
  7. Learn how to make a Cromalin colour proof from your separations that is dot-for-dot like it will print, to troubleshoot and approve before setting up on the press.
  8. How to print your halftones without a RIP or Postscript printer on just about any printer that can print on films

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