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How to Add Steam Multiplayer - Unreal Engine 5 Blueprint

Unreal Engine 5 has revolutionized the world of game development, offering cutting-edge features and enhanced capabilities. One of the key aspects that make games more engaging is the integration of multiplayer functionality. This guide will walk you through the process of adding Steam multiplayer to your Unreal Engine 5 project using Blueprints. By the end of this tutorial, you'll have a solid understanding of the steps involved and be well on your way to creating immersive multiplayer experiences.

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Before diving into the implementation, ensure that you have the following prerequisites in place:

Unreal Engine 5 Installed: Make sure you have Unreal Engine 5 installed on your development machine. You can download it from the official Unreal Engine website.

Steamworks SDK: Obtain the Steamworks SDK from the Steamworks Developer site ( You'll need a Steam account to access the SDK.

Steam Developer Account: Set up a Steam Developer account to access additional resources and to create and manage your game on Steam.

Now, let's proceed with the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Setting Up Steam Integration

Create a Steam App ID:

Log in to your Steam Developer account and navigate to the App page.

Click on "Create a new App..."

Fill in the required information and obtain your Steam App ID.

Download Steamworks SDK:

Download the Steamworks SDK from the Steamworks Developer site.

Extract the SDK to a location on your computer.

Integrate Steamworks SDK with Unreal Engine 5:

Copy the contents of the Steamworks SDK into the "ThirdParty" directory of your Unreal Engine 5 project.

Step 2: Blueprint Setup

Open Your Project:

Launch Unreal Engine 5 and open your project.

Enable Online Subsystem Steam:

In the editor, navigate to "Edit" > "Project Settings."

Under "Platforms," select "Steam."

Check the "Default Platform" box and enter your Steam App ID.

Blueprint Setup:

Create a new Blueprint or use an existing one for your multiplayer character or game mode.

Open the Blueprint editor.

Add Steam Online Subsystem:

In the Blueprint editor, go to the "Class Defaults" panel.

Under "Default Online Subsystem," select "Steam."

Configure Steam:

In the "Class Defaults" panel, expand the "Online" category.

Set the "Online Mode" to "Steam."

Step 3: Implementing Multiplayer Functionality

Player Controller Setup:

In your player controller Blueprint, add nodes to handle the creation and joining of sessions.

Use nodes like "Create Session," "Find Sessions," and "Join Session" to manage multiplayer sessions.

Replicating Actors:

Ensure that actors relevant to multiplayer gameplay are set to replicate. This includes the player character, game mode, and any other relevant components.

Implementing Steam Lobby:

Utilize Steam's lobby system to manage players, handle invitations, and coordinate game sessions.

Use Blueprints to create, join, and manage Steam lobbies.

Handling Player Connections:

Implement logic to handle player connections, disconnections, and synchronization of game states.

Testing Locally:

Test your multiplayer functionality locally within the editor to ensure that sessions can be created, players can join, and the game state is synchronized.

Step 4: Deploying on Steam

Package Your Game:

Package your Unreal Engine 5 project for distribution.

Steamworks Integration:

Incorporate the Steamworks SDK and configure your game for Steam in the Steam Developer backend.

Test on Steam:

Deploy your game on Steam in a test environment to ensure that Steam multiplayer functionalities work as intended.

Publish Your Game:

Once testing is successful, publish your game on Steam for players to enjoy.


Adding Steam multiplayer functionality to your Unreal Engine 5 project using Blueprints requires a combination of Steam integration, Blueprint setup, and careful implementation of multiplayer logic. By following this comprehensive guide, you should now have the knowledge and tools to create engaging and seamless multiplayer experiences in your Unreal Engine 5 game. Remember to refer to the Unreal Engine documentation and Steamworks documentation for additional details and troubleshooting. Good luck with your multiplayer game development journey!

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