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Make a 2D Idle Clicker Game - Unreal Engine 5 Blueprint

Idle Clicker Games have gained popularity for their simplicity and addictive nature. Players earn rewards by clicking or tapping on the screen, and the game progresses even when they are away. Unreal Engine 5's Blueprint system simplifies game development, allowing designers and developers to create interactive experiences without extensive coding.

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Setting Up the Project

Download and Install Unreal Engine 5:

Start by downloading and installing the latest version of Unreal Engine 5 from the official Unreal Engine website.

Create a New Project:

Open Unreal Engine 5 and create a new 2D Side Scroller Blueprint project. Choose the Blueprint template to leverage the visual scripting system.

Designing the Player Character

Create a Player Character:

Design a simple 2D character sprite or import one from external sources.

Create a Blueprint for the player character and add a Sprite component for the character's visual representation.

Implement Clicking Mechanism:

Add a clickable area to the player character.

Create an OnClicked event that increments a score variable each time the player clicks.

Implementing the Idle System

Create Idle Resources:

Design resources or elements that generate income over time, such as coins or gems.

Implement a system to passively increase the player's score while the game is running.

Implement Resource Generation:

  • Utilize timers to periodically add resources to the player's score.
  • Create a resource manager to keep track of the generated resources.
  • Upgrades and Achievements

Upgrade System:

Implement an upgrade system allowing players to spend their earned resources on upgrades.

Upgrades can increase the clicking rate, idle resource generation, or introduce new features.


  • Create a system for achievements that reward players for reaching milestones.
  • Achievements can provide additional resources or unlock special features.
  • User Interface

Display Score:

  • Add a user interface (UI) element to display the player's current score prominently on the screen.

UI for Upgrades and Achievements:

  • Create UI elements for displaying available upgrades and achievements.
  • Include buttons for players to purchase upgrades or view their progress.
  • Testing and Refining

Testing Gameplay:

  • Playtest the game regularly to ensure that clicking, idle generation, upgrades, and achievements are functioning correctly.

Refine Gameplay Mechanics:

  • Tweak parameters such as resource generation rates, upgrade costs, and achievement thresholds to balance the gameplay.
  • Adding Visuals and Sound

Visual Effects:

Enhance the visual appeal of the game with particle effects, animations, and transitions.

Sound Effects and Music:

  • Integrate sound effects for clicking, resource generation, and other actions.
  • Include background music to enhance the overall gaming experience.
  • Optimization and Performance

Optimize Blueprints:

Review and optimize Blueprints to ensure efficient performance, especially as the game complexity increases.

Testing on Multiple Platforms:

Test the game on different platforms to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.


Creating a 2D Idle Clicker Game in Unreal Engine 5 using Blueprints involves designing engaging gameplay mechanics, implementing visual and audio elements, and optimizing performance. This tutorial provides a foundation for building your own Idle Clicker Game, and you can expand upon it by adding more features, levels, and challenges to make your game truly unique. Happy game development!

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