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Adding Groups and Providers with I & A Management System

Authorized Official, Access Manager, and Staff End User. Surrogacy Request. Adding Groups and Providers with I & A Management System

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What you'll learn

  • Medical Clinic, Healthcare Providers, Credentialing and Enrollment will learn how to add groups and providers into I and A.
  • It will take two or more hours for this training to watch.
  • Before you can start Medicare enrollment you must add the organization and provider to the I and A first.
  • The learners must ask the group or providers permission before adding their information into the I & A system.
  • After adding groups or organizations and providers to the I and A system, you can now start the Medicare enrollment.


  • All they need is the internet, then watch and learn.
Identity and Access Management System, or I and A, allows you to add a group and provider before starting Medicare enrollment. Users will act on behalf of the organizations and providers as their surrogates. You can request to be the group's authorized official, access manager, or staff end user. As an approved surrogate to the organization and the provider, you will have access to view and modify information within the CMS system on their behalf, like their NPI registry and Medicare enrollment. You can use one user ID to log on for PECOS, NPPES, or I and A.

You can request four roles: Authorized Official, Access Manager, Staff End User, and Surrogate. Anyone listed as an authorized official in the I and A system will not automatically populate into the Medicare enrollment application. Access Manager can add staff end users. Staff End users cannot add providers to the group.

When you request a role, remember that the staff end-user has a limited function. If the Authorized Official or the Access Manager is unavailable, the SEU cannot add new providers to the organization or the group. You can have multiple Authorized Officials or Access Managers as a back-up. The Authorized official or Access Manager could be a direct employee of the organization.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners and experience Credentialers. The course is an addition to their acquired knowledge.

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