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Build a complete pixel platformer in Godot 4!

Learn how to build a complete pixel platformer in Godot 4 by following along with this course! Whether you are new to game development, Build a complete pixel platformer in Godot 4!

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What you'll learn

  • Learn how to build an entire game from scratch in Godot 4.
  • Write scripts with good structure which can be reused and repurposed for other projects.
  • Design a game following professional game design principles.
  • Complete a portfolio project with a high degree of polish.


  • Students should already have a basic understanding of game development and scripting.
Learn how to build a complete pixel platformer in Godot 4 by following along with this course!  Whether you are new to game development, new to the Godot engine, or want to improve your skills with some high level design principles, you will learn a lot here!  I recommend at least having a basic understanding of game engines and writing scripts before starting this course.

Each section of the course generally focuses on 1 aspect of the game; Character, Levels, Treasure, Enemies, etc.  The sections are further divided into 7 video lessons, each focused on teaching 1 feature of the Godot engine, 1 script, or 1 specific part of game development.  By the end of each section, you will have a template for building the various aspects of your game.  There is an assignment you will need to complete before proceeding on with the rest of the course, repeating many of the lessons taught throughout the section to implement more of the game assets, while also providing extra challenges for those who want to try them.  The challenges are optional and are not required to proceed with the lessons.

This course includes scripting in the Godot scripting language.  If this is your first time using scripting, you're welcome to follow along and I will explain individual items as we go.  To avoid overwhelming new students, I will try not to explain everything all at once, but focus on individual elements that are relevant to each lesson.  If you have experience with scripting in other languages, Godot script is extremely easy to pick up and you will be able to appreciate how well it is optimized for the engine and game development in general.

The assets used in this course are available for free on itch and FreeSound.

Upon completion of the course you will have a complete game that you can upload and share.  Since everything taught in this course uses design patterns and good practices, the skills and techniques you learn will allow you to expand this project or use it as a template for something entirely of your own design.

Who this course is for:

  • Budding game developers who are interested in building a portfolio project.
  • Indie game developers who want to learn how to improve the structure and design of their projects.

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