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Houdini Procedural House with Unreal Engine 5

Making a Stunning Procedural House with Houdini and intergraded it into Unreal Engine. Houdini Procedural House with Unreal Engine 5

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What you'll learn

  • Learn the Fundamentals of Making a Procedural House
  • Understand the Anatomy of Polygon
  • Learn the Vex Scripting Language
  • Learn Linear Algebra in 3D Mathematics
  • Learn the Houdini Digital Asset creation and its integration with Unreal Engine 5


  • Entry Level Understanding of Houdini and Procedural Modeling
  • Passion, Energy and Time!
This tutorial focusses on teaching students the practical solutions in making a house procedurally inside of the award-winning software Sidefx Houdini. Through more than 100 videos, the tutorial walks through the entire process of building a stunningly looking house from scratch to final render inside of Unreal Engine 5.

Through a divide and conquer approach, the students will learn how to build pillars, doors, windows, and stairs first as Houdini Digital Assets (HDAs), and move on to tackle different body part of the house, from body to roof, decks, and pavements while utilizing the HDAs to construct the final form. In the process, students learn critical knowledge of 3D mathematical concepts including dot and cross product, matrix, and quaternion. The mathematical/geometrical meaning, and various operations of these mathematical terms are explained in dedicated sessions and their usage in spatial calculations and polygon manipulations are practiced.

The VEX scripting language is taught thoroughly in dedicated sessions and used to aid the house build process. Students learn fundamental programming concepts including variables, containers, flow control, and functions first, and will be able to leverage the power of scripting to express their ideas directly and effectively in Houdini.

Finally the tutorial leads to the Houdini Engine integration with Unreal Engine 5, allowing students to import their HDAs directly into Unreal Engine, and connect materials and assets automatically, providing a complete solution to the end product.

Who this course is for:

  • Houdini Artists who want to advance their skill in procedural modeling.
  • Game Developers who what to intergrade Houdini in their production.
  • Houdini Artists who want to study more VEX.
  • Technical Artists who want to understand the procedural modeling workflow.

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