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Robotics & Mechatronics 3: Digital Twin Machines | Unity

Design Physical & Animated Digital Twin for any Mechanical Machine 3D Model using Unity. For Industrial Automation Robotics & Mechatronics 3: Digital Twin Machines | Unity

Courses to get you started

What you'll learn

  • Get any Pre-made Machine Model and Physically interact with it in Unity
  • Get any Pre-made Machine Model and Animate it
  • Learn How Digital Twin Real-World Machines using Unity
  • Digital Twin Cartesian Robots
  • Digital Twin Conveyor Belts
  • Digital Twin Turntables Machines
  • Digital Twin Industrial Packaging Lines


  • Basic Programming Background in any of the following: C/C++/C#/JAVA/Python
What is Digital Twinning?

In simple words, it's Creating a Mechanical Machine, and Simulating it, before even Building it to the Real World

It's all about Testing your Machine 3D Model, in a Physical Environment to see how it interacts with your Production Line Products.

All of this is Possible thanks to Unity!

You will learn how to Physically Simulate machines, and Animate them using Unity.

We will be digitally twin all the 3D Models from our course Robotics & Mechatronics II. But don't worry, If you never enrolled there, I'm still attaching ALL THE MODEL FILES!

Here is what we will be doing:

Learn the basics of Unity and C# (It's recommended that you have pre-knowledge in any  C C++ JAVA C# or Python)
  • Digitally Twin a Conveyor Belt and Physically Interact with Product running over it.
  • Digitally Twinning a Cartesian Robot
  • Digitally Twinning a Pick & Place Machine
  • Digitally Twinning a Feeder Table (Turntable)
  • Digitally Twinning a Mini-Packaging Line
  • Digitally Twinning a Series of Conveyors passing Products
  • And more!

Where can I apply this?

  • Test Machines virtually before building them
  • Product Flow Overview simulations
  • 3D Machine Commercial Presentation
In the World of Industrial Automation and Production Lines, this is probably one of the hottest topics.
There are very few people who can actually Digital Twin Machines from scratch without counting on External Pre-made Software, which could prove useless. Because you must learn to Digitally twin ANY MACHINE that your hands falls into, and never use a pre-digitally twinned one. Why? Simple, No two machines are alike .

In this course we will focus on Product Physical Interaction and Animation where In our previous course, Robotics & Mechatronics II, we focused on 3D Model Machines from Scratch, to be able to build any machine you have in mind.

This is the only course on the whole internet that focuses on This topic, from scratch, without forcing to pay thousands of dollars for Software Subscription, or for  training.

I hope to see all there! and Please let me know if you have any questions.

This course, is a pre-request for Robotics & Mechatronics IV: PLC Virtual Commissioning (Coming Soon)

Who this course is for:

  • Digital Twin Designers
  • 3D Modellers
  • PLC Programmers & Control Engineers
  • Mechatronics & Robotics Enthusiasts

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