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Strategic Medical Billing Foundation

Understanding your hospital bills, How to improve medical billing performance, Medical billing challenges and solutions

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What you'll learn

  • Tips for improving medical billing performance
  • Tips for choosing the right medical billing service
  • Proactive medical billing tips to maximize revemue
  • Key medical billing challenges and solutions
  • Medical billing business plan
  • Electronic billing
  • Soft skills for medical billing and coding specialist


  • No special requirement
  • Desire to learn detail about medical billing
   Medical billing is the process of generating healthcare claims to submit to insurance companies for the purpose of obtaining payment for medical services rendered by providers and provider organizations. We must understand that a knowledgeable medical biller can optimize revenue performance for the physician practice or healthcare organization. When billings are completely than following good billing protocols patients accept the billings in good faith. After translating a healthcare service into a billing claim, the medical biller follows the claim to ensure the organization receives reimbursement for the work the provider performed.

The medical billing process can be broken down into stages, as front-end and back-end. The front-end billing takes place pre-service whilst the back- end billing occurs after the provider sees the patient. The medical billing process also requires accuracy, knowledge of coding guidelines, and familiarity with insurance policies to ensure timely and accurate reimbursement for healthcare services rendered. In order to be clear on the payment of a medical billing claim, the health care provider or medical biller must have complete knowledge of different insurance plans that insurance companies are offering, and the laws and regulations that preside over them. The process of confirming financial responsibility ascertains which medical practices are covered in a patient's insurance policy.

Who this course is for:

  • Patients, medical billers, medical coders, health workers, insurance companies, hospitals, clinics, governments, health administrators, students, health consultants etc.

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