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The Blender 4 Ultimate Guide

Blender 4 Complete course on realistic 3D environments & Buildings including geometry nodes and cloth simulation

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What you'll learn

• Blender Basics: Navigating the Viewport - Master the essential techniques to efficiently move around Blender's viewport.

• Reference-Based Modelling - Learn to use PureRef, Google, AI, and Pinterest for gathering references and creating stunning models.

• Creating Greyboxes - Adopt AAA industry standards in greyboxing for assets and environments.

• Working with Eevee Next & Blender Cycles - Gain proficiency in both the new Eevee Next and Blender Cycles rendering engines.

• Massive Download Pack - Utilise a comprehensive download pack, demonstrating all you need for various projects.

• Blender Asset Manager Mastery - Explore the functionalities of Blender's Asset Manager for efficient project management.

• Modelling Workflow - From basic modelling techniques to advanced professional workflows, including secrets used by pros.

• Geometry Nodes for Procedural Modelling - Leverage geometry nodes to enhance workflow efficiency with procedural modelling.

• Vertex Painting for Landscapes - Texture landscapes using vertex painting, bringing scenes to life with unprecedented realism.

• Complete Guide to Blender Shaders - Understand the assembly and application of Blender shaders.

• Advanced UV Mapping - Learn advanced UV mapping techniques to effectively hide seams.

• Rendering and Compositing - In-depth guide to rendering and compositing, making any scene look expertly crafted.

• Composition and Planning Insights - Gain inside knowledge on planning and creating compelling compositions.

• Comprehensive Lighting Guide - Including detailed use of Blender's powerful sky texture.

• Blender Cloth Generator Guide - Complete walkthrough of using Blender's cloth generator.

• Introduction to Blender Sculpting - A primer on sculpting in Blender, focusing on cloth and terrain enhancements.

• Displacement Modifier Guide - Detailed tutorial on using the displacement modifier for realistic textures.

• Emission Techniques - Learn how to use emission to add vibrancy and depth to scenes.

• Lighting Control for Different Times - Master techniques to control lighting for various times of day or night.


• To own a computer (Microsoft, Linux or Mac)

• To have downloaded Blender

• A thirst to learn and excitement about 3D modelling, game art, and lighting to take your portfolio to the next level

• To download all course resources including 4 x geometry nodes (chain geometry node, palm tree geometry node, grapevine geometry node, planks geometry node), 1 x displacement modifier terrain setup, multiple reference plants and foliage (4 x ferns, 4 x plants, 8 x grape bundles), and 1 x human reference. You will also find 31 different types of textures and shaders and 120 x texture maps. The resource pack also has 1 x terrain, 1 x rock, 1 x stone, 1 x wall, 4 x wood, 2 x metal, 1 x gold, 1 x cloth, 3 x windows, 4 x painted wood pieces, 1 x rope, 1 x palm, 1 x set of tiles, 1 x water, 1 x carpets, 1 x linen, 1 x basket weave, 3 x clay and soil, 2 x coloured stone.

Welcome to ‘Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide’, a transformative journey designed by 3D Tudor, perfect for those looking to master Blender 4 modelling techniques.

Join Neil from 3D Tudor in ‘Blender 4 the Ultimate Guide’ and transform your 3D modelling skills. This 20-hour comprehensive course covers everything from Blender basics to advanced texturing and rendering techniques.

Learn to create realistic 3D environments, master UV unwrapping, and explore cutting-edge features like geometry nodes and cloth simulation. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned artists, ‘Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide’ offers over 100 lessons in Blender 4 modelling, texturing, and environmental design. Elevate your 3D art with our hands-on approach and become part of a vibrant community of learners.

My name is Neil, the driving force behind 3D Tudor, and I am thrilled to introduce you to this comprehensive 20-hour course, a deep dive into 3D environment design with Blender. In your course project for 'Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide', you will create a stylized 3D environment that captures the essence of ancient Egyptian architecture with a modern twist.

Your building will feature iconic domes and arched doorways reminiscent of traditional Egyptian structures, complemented by vibrant textures and a warm, inviting colour palette. Balconies adorned with intricate railings and geometric patterns, as well as ornate windows with lattice designs, will add depth and character to your model.

The environment will be brought to life with lush, green palm trees that frame the structure and flowing vines that drape over the sandstone walls, creating a scene that is both historic and rich in detail. This project will not only showcase your ability to blend the past with the present in your 3D modelling but also demonstrate your skill in infusing a classic setting with a contemporary style.

Embark on an enthralling journey through time with our ‘Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide’, where the magic begins at the planning stage. We meticulously lay the foundation using advanced tools like MidJourney and PureRef, ensuring that your creation is not just a figment of imagination but a masterpiece grounded in realism.

This is an essential skill for anyone looking to delve into Blender 4 modelling techniques. Intensive research and gathering references will enable you to craft an authentic 3D environment that resonates with the grandeur of ancient Egypt in a stylized style.

We've meticulously crafted ‘Blender 4 the Ultimate Guide’ to take you through every stage of the 3D modelling pipeline – from the initial idea to greyboxing, modelling, texturing, and finally, rendering and compositing.

This journey is not just about 3D modelling with Blender 4; it's about revolutionizing the way you approach 3D modelling and laying a robust foundation to become a professional in this dynamic field.

‘Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide’ top 7 points about the course:

Master the art of crafting a vibrant, stylized sunrise for virtual environments using advanced rendering and composition techniques in Blender

Utilize our exclusive asset library, meticulously curated for creating stylized Egyptian environments, featuring a variety of exotic plants, materials and geometry nodes

Accelerate your asset generation and enhance your scenes with our adaptable geometry node system, designed for efficient, professional-level scene development

Discover specialized UV unwrapping methods that allow precise control over texture application, ensuring your desired results

Design intricate vine formations that seamlessly integrate with architectural structures, adding a unique flair to your Egyptian-themed scene

Construct a distinctive terrain foundation for your environment, skillfully merging stylized textures through vertex painting for a cohesive look

‘Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide’ is more than just a series of tutorials. It's an interactive learning experience that will elevate your skills in 3D design, texturing, lighting, and environmental creation. With over 100 lessons, you'll gain not only the technical know-how but also the creative insights to bring your visions to life.

Your course project will be to stylized 3D environment inspired by the grandeur of ancient Egypt. Your class project will engage you in practical, hands-on learning, where you’ll apply concepts covered in the lessons. You'll start with basic greyboxing to establish your scene's layout and structure, progressing to intricate details like crafting architectural elements and lifelike foliage. This journey will enhance your skills in UV unwrapping, texture application, and cloth simulation, culminating in a beautifully rendered and artistically rich 3D environment. This project is designed to be both challenging and rewarding, perfectly suited for both beginners and seasoned 3D artists, and will serve as a showcase of your newfound skills in 3D environment design with Blender.

Key Highlights in ‘Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide’:

1. Foundation in Blender Basics: Begin with an understanding of Blender's interface and asset management. Learn how to set up projects efficiently and store files using Blender's Asset Manager.

2. Resource and Reference Mastery: Discover the art of managing resources and references in Blender, including creative AI assistance with ChatGPT, and techniques for 3D environment design.

3. Advanced Modeling Techniques: Dive into greybox modelling and lighting, explore structural elements, and create natural elements with geometry nodes.

4. Texturing and Material Application: From crafting stylized pillars and applying textures to designing archways and beams, gain proficiency in texture application and UV unwrapping.

5. Architectural and Environmental Design: Learn to model intricate architectural features like doors, windows, and balconies, and integrate them into your 3D scenes.

6. Sculpting and Prop Modeling: Delve into the art of sculpting details and modelling unique props to enhance your scenes.

7. Realistic Environment Creation: Get hands-on experience in terrain detailing, light source modelling, and scene optimization for creating immersive environments.

8. Final Compositions and Rendering: Conclude your learning experience by finalizing compositions and mastering the rendering process.

Dive into our Download Pack

‘Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide’ comes with a massive resource pack including 4 x geometry nodes (chain geometry node, palm tree geometry node, grapevine geometry node, planks geometry node), 1 x displacement modifier terrain setup, multiple reference plants and foliage (4 x ferns, 4 x plants, 8 x grape bundles), and 1 x human reference. You will also find 31 different types of textures and shaders and 120 x texture maps. The resource pack also has 1 x terrain, 1 x rock, 1 x stone, 1 x wall, 4 x wood, 2 x metal, 1 x gold, 1 x cloth, 3 x windows, 4 x painted wood pieces, 1 x rope, 1 x palm, 1 x set of tiles, 1 x water, 1 x carpets, 1 x linen, 1 x basket weave, 3 x clay and soil, 2 x coloured stone.

All these resources are set out in individual .blend files with their asset manager, making it easy to use in this and other projects. All geometry nodes are set up and can be used in other projects, except for commercial use.

Course Outline

Section 1 - Introduction to Blender and Asset Management

Explore the art of configuring resource packs in Blender, tailored to enhance your 3D design experience. Develop skills in setting up efficient references, crucial for detailed 3D environment design.

Section 2 - Resource and Reference Management in Blender

Our focus is not just on the aesthetics; we delve deep into the compositional aspects to ensure every element harmonizes perfectly. Greyboxing plays a pivotal role here, where we meticulously outline our buildings. This method guarantees that each structure interlocks seamlessly, offering an impressive silhouette while maintaining realistic proportions.

We emphasize the use of human references for scaling, ensuring your environment is not only visually stunning but also proportionately accurate. Join us in this meticulous planning stage, where your vision for a majestic Egyptian landscape begins to take shape, setting the stage for a breathtaking 3D rendering experience.

Leverage the power of AI with ChatGPT to generate creative references, adding depth to your projects. Gain mastery in blocking out 3D scenes using primitives, a foundational skill for any designer. Delve into greyboxing, an essential technique for environmental planning and design.

Section 3 - Advanced Greybox Modeling and Lighting

Elevate your 3D scene designs with advanced elevation techniques in greybox modelling. Explore the intricacies of designing functional and aesthetically appealing staircases, using human reference scales for accuracy. Illuminate your greybox environments with lighting skyboxes, adding mood and depth to your creations.

Section 4 - Structural Elements and Greyboxing

The resource pack provided in the course is a treasure trove of exotic foliage, including ferns and preset bushes, designed to give your scene a more organic and lifelike appearance.

Plan and integrate windows and balconies into your 3D models, ensuring they complement the overall structure. Discover the art of roof shape planning in Blender, an essential skill for creating diverse building designs. Learn to consider structural supports in your scenes, adding realism and stability to your models. Master archway design techniques, enhancing the architectural appeal of your greyboxed environments.

Section 5 - Creating Natural Elements with Geometry Nodes

Unleash your creativity by crafting lifelike palm trees using Blender’s geometry nodes. Learn to adjust these stylized 3D palm trees for seamless integration into your scene, enhancing the environmental realism.

Section 6 - Pillar Design and Texture Application

Delve into the creation of stylized pillars, a key architectural element in any environment. Understand the importance of seams and sharps in Blender for refined modelling. Master UV unwrapping techniques for pillars, ensuring accurate texture application. Discover the basics of texture import and material setup, a vital step in bringing your models to life. Apply textures to your pillars, enhancing their realism and aesthetic appeal.

Section 7 - Architectural Features and Asset Management

Design complex archways, learning to create shapes and forms that define your scenes. Create decorative beams, adding intricate details to your models. Explore variations in stylized beams, enhancing the diversity of your designs. Organize your pillars and archways efficiently using Blender's Asset Library, streamlining your workflow. Integrate these structural elements into your scenes, ensuring a cohesive and realistic environment.

Section 8 - Door Design and Asset Creation

Model your first 3D door asset, focusing on style and environmental fit. Stylize doors to match the aesthetic of your surroundings, ensuring design consistency. Create realistic metal hinges, adding a functional aspect to your doors. Convert and adjust your doors into usable 3D assets, ready for integration into various scenes.

Section 9 - Window Design and Texture Utilization

Craft a unique, stylized window in Blender, paying attention to design details that make it stand out. Illuminate your windows using atlased textures, a technique that adds depth and realism to your scenes.

Section 10 - Rooftop and Staircase Design in 3D

Model aesthetically pleasing rooftops, a vital element in defining your building's character. Construct staircases with precision using Blender's measurement systems, ensuring functionality and design harmony. Add style to your staircases, blending them seamlessly into your environment. Utilize the Array Modifier for efficient staircase modelling, saving time without sacrificing quality. Design stylized tiles for your staircases, adding a unique touch to your architectural elements.

... and many more lessons focusing on doorway design, texturing, balcony design, cloth simulation for shades, and rendering techniques. This course is a gift that keeps on giving with an immense amount of learning potential in the course sections that follow.

Summing it all up

‘Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide’ is more than just tutorials; it's an interactive learning experience that will elevate your skills in 3D design, texturing, lighting, and environmental creation. Join us at 3D Tudor and transform your artistic journey with Blender.

Let's reshape the world of 3D modelling together!

‘Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide’ will not only grant you access to high-quality content but also become part of a thriving community of learners. Whether you're kickstarting a new career, enhancing your existing skills, or pursuing a personal project, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Don't just dream of being good at 3D modelling; take ‘Blender 4 The Ultimate Guide’ and lay the foundation to become a professional.

All you need now is time to refine the skills you learn here. Join us, and let's reshape the world of 3D modelling together.

See you in the course, and until then, happy modelling everyone!

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