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Unity Mobile Game - Create Your First Hybrid Casual Game !

Crack the Code: From Hyper Casual to Hybrid Casual, You will Learn so much in this Mobile Farming Game ! Unity Mobile Game - Create Your First Hybrid Casual Game !

Courses to get you started

What you'll learn

  • Create a Hybrid Casual Game from Scratch
  • Learn how to Create a Joystick from scratch & implement Player Control
  • Add Animations to 3D Characters
  • Learn how to Craft a Solid Architecture for your Code
  • Learn how to write Clean Code
  • Use the Shader Graph to Create Performant Interactive objects
  • Download & Master External Libraries to Speed Up Game Development
  • Store your Data inside of Scritable Objects
  • And Much More !


  • How to make your way through the Unity Editor (but not compulsory)
  • A Computer
  • An internet connexion

Hybrid Casual is the next trend after Hyper Casual ( or hypercasual depending on how you write it ;) )

Have you ever wondered how those addictive trendy Hybrid Casual Mobile Games were made ?

Do you want to Learn how to bring your Hybrid Casual Game Idea to Life ?

Well, you’re at the Right Place!

  • In this exciting course, you will learn all of the different aspects of making a complete Hybrid Casual Game.
  • You will first learn how to Setup your Unity Project to target Mobile Devices.
  • You will learn how to add a Dynamic Joystick to move your character around in a smooth way. You’ll also go one step further and make the Joystick Responsive, it will feel good on All Screen Resolutions!
  • Then, I’ll show a nice way to grab Free Animations for your 3D Characters!
  • You will learn about the Little Secrets of the Animator Component and how to merge 2 animations into one ! How awesome is that ?
  • By writing your own Distance Check Algorithm & Crafting a Solid Game Architecture, you will develop the skills to have a bird’s eye view over your project. Right when creating your next project, you will be able to Design 80% of your objects interactions ! ( The rest is magic ^^ )
  • If Shader Graph is not your thing, you will now Develop that skill as you’ll learn how to make a simple & cute Water Shader, a Dynamic Crop Shader to allow Player Crop interactions, and an Outline Shader !Have you seen those Shiny Particles in mobile games, that smoothly move towards the UI, well, you’ll also learn how to Master that! You will control the Unity Particle System to move them around however you want !
  • Along the way, I will show you some Tips & Tricks that will Save you a bunch of Time during your game dev journey !
There is so much you will learn in this course, that I must avoid unveiling some of the aspects in this description.

If you’re ready to Master New Concepts on Hybrid Casual Mobile Games, don’t miss this opportunity.

Who this course is for:

  • Unity Beginner that dream about making their own Mobile Game
  • Unity Enthusiasts willing to improve their skills
  • Unity Experts interested in Trendy Mobile Games Mechanics

Courses to get you started -- > Unity Mobile Game - Create Your First Hybrid Casual Game !

INSTRUCTOR : Tabsil Makes Games

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Crack the Code: From Hyper Casual to Hybrid Casual, You will Learn so much in this Mobile Farming Game !

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So be ready for this amazing journey, and feel free to ask whenever you’re stuck, I’m here to help!