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Unreal Engine 2.5D Platformer | Beginner Friendly | HyperDev

Skills To Make A Full Game In Unreal Engine 5 Unreal Engine 2.5D Platformer | Beginner Friendly | HyperDev

Courses to get you started

What you'll learn

  • How to beat procrastination and finish your game development projects
  • Creating with Unreal Engine 5 and maximizing the power of blueprints
  • How to plan and execution a fully functional 2.5D platformer
  • How to use Sprite Art and Sound design


  • The will to succeed through small work steps leading to big outcomes.
  • A good grasp of the English Language
  • A solid base of mathematical understanding. You must know how Addition, Multiplication, Division and Subtraction works at a reasonable level.
  • Some Programming knowledge such as knowing what a Variable is will be useful in understanding how Unreal Engine Blueprint work.
  • Artistic experience with Photoshop, Illustrator or any other drawing application will be a plus, but not needed to benefit from the course.
  • Sound and Video experience is a PLUS but not needed to benefit from the course.
  • Experience with Unity Engine is a PLUS, but not needed to benefit from the course.

A well paced course that teaches you how to create a 2.5D platformer in Unreal Engine. Hi, I’m the Hyper Dev. I’ve been working in the design and game development industry for 4 years now.

2D platformers are one of the best ways to get into game design. Learn how to get a platformer up and running in a fully playable state. You will go from a blank project through all the steps a good game developer takes to make a fully playable game.

I created this course as a way to help young Game Designers get all the knowledge they need to get started on their indie game development journey. The pacing is set just right so you never get confused or go into a topic without the right amount of knowledge.

Through the course you aren’t just going to make a copy paste of what I make. Instead, I’m going to teach you how to think like a game designer so you will be able to create the games that you want to.

My hope for you is that after this course you will go out and finish the game idea that you have had on your mind and launch it. As an avid gamer myself, I can’t wait to go on the journey you will create.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and intermediate game developers looking to learn how to use Unreal Engine
  • Former Unity Developers shifting over from coding in C++ to using Blueprints in Unreal Engine
  • Tutorial Hoppers who are looking for a more rounded course about game development where you make a small but satisfying game.
  • Artists looking for a way to combine their work with game develpment tools to make a game by themselves

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