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How to become Technical Artist in Game Development

How to become Technical Artist in Game Development

How do I become a technical artist? · Aim Awards Diploma/Extended Diploma in Games Animation and VFX · AQA Technical Level Entertainment Technology: Video Games


What you'll learn

  • Сlear requirements in Hard and Soft skills for obtaining Technical Artist role
  • Real Time Engines: Overview, Rendering pipeline; Profiling; Optimizing
  • Scripting using Python, MaxScript, MEL, VEX
  • Procedural modeling using Houdini
  • Procedural Textures & Material creation using Substance Designer
  • Essential Math for Technical Artists
  • Shaders: Node-based and HLSL
  • Production art pipeline creation
  • Support in preparation to Tech Art interview


  • No previous Game Dev / Art / Programming experience required, but would help catching up the learning material more easily
Technical Artists – rare beasts in Game Development that both have great artistic skills and technical know-how. They take crucial part across the whole production pipeline in any project. The list of TechArt responsibilities is so big and versatile that it would not fit in this description. That explains high demand on the market for Technical Artist and their highest compensation rates across all artists in Game Dev.

In the vast sea of online information, the key to success lies in strategic learning. With the internet providing nearly limitless resources, it's crucial to discern what truly matters and where to direct your learning efforts. This course is designed to guide you through the maze of information, helping you identify the essentials and focus your energy on what truly brings you closer towards Technical Artist role.

This course is establishing a foundation which would serve as a Road to obtain Technical Artist role. It's core idea is to clarify all the core required Hard and Soft skills for being a good Technical Artist and do a basic overview of all of them to prepare and simplify further in-depth learning.

Lay the groundwork of your future success in the dynamic world of Game Development. Your journey towards mastering the Technical Artist role starts here.

Who this course is for:

  • Highly motivated beginners interested in obtaining Technical Artist role in Game Development industry
  • Gameplay/Tools/3D programmers aimed to bring more artistic awareness in GameDev pipelines
  • Experienced Artists and Animators who want to develop technical skills
  • Game Designers who're looking towards Technical Design / Technical Art role
  • Those who aim to create a bridge between Tech and Art in Game Development

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