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Master medical devices registration in Qatar

Mater state of Qatar market, by placing your medical devices there, through managing all the regulatory activities Master medical devices registration in Qatar

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What you'll learn

  • Master medical devices registration in Qatar
  • Mange medical registration regulatory activities in Qatar
  • Place your medical devices in Qatar
  • Master Qatar market by medical devices


  • Just the PC and welling to stand out of the crowd
Master medical devices registration in one of the most interesting parts of the GCC countries, a relatively small market, mainly driven by the market, full of opportunities, let's grape the opportunity and place our medical devices there in the market in the state of Qatar.

In this course, I will take you on an interesting journey with the Ministry of the health of Qatar, to master our medical devices registration there, let's practice regulatory affairs, registration, renewal, and variations with all its types, classification, case by case using actual examples from practice. As I always keep my theme in the pharma academy "It comes to you from practice"

The market of the state of Qatar is quite small compared to other GCC markets, which are actually saturated with most of the kinds of products, such as the leader of the region "KSA" and the gulf region business hup "UAE", which means there is a huge opportunity waiting for us there, to master the market and have quite a big market share, especially with medical devices, due to the continuous innovations of the medical devices, and do not forget about the tenders, they are basic market players in all GCC countries markets.

So from a business point of view, considering the registration timeframe between 6 to 9 months maximum, you can place your product in the market quite faster and start earning your revenue quite fast also, moreover, the medical devices world is highly dynamic and innovative, compared to the pharmaceuticals, lots of innovations different versions of the same medical device could be played within the potential market of Qatar market.

In this course, we will cover all topics related to medical devices in Qatar, which will empower you to master the market. Then we will go deeper to see the actual forms, and templates as usual I keep the theme of the Pharma Academy that it comes to you "From Practice", and prepare the submission dossier together, and ensure its verification, budling /grouping criteria of the medical devices in only one application, and interact with the actual system for the submission

and we will end our journey, by landing the department of custom clearance, tracking /tracing system, barcoding, and 2DMatrix for all the shipments planned for the state of Qatar market importation.

The system was first implemented by KSA the leader of the region, and then Oman, UAE, and Bahrain followed so far, and the others are coming soon.

And finally, congratulations to you for mastering medical device registration in the Qatar market, and see you soon in the pharma industry my dear colleagues.

Who this course is for:

  • All levels of the pharma industry, starting from the fresh graduates till the highly professionals

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