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Medical Astrology - Astrology And The Psychology Of Disease

Discover Disease Using Triangles Medical Astrology - Astrology And The Psychology Of Disease

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What you'll learn

  • How astrology frameworks illness - both physically and mentally.
  • How to apply to teachings of astrologer Leoni Hodgson to find disease on the natal chart.
  • The seven rays and the chakras.
  • How to interpret and incorporate illness into a natal astrology reading.


  • This course build on the content of ALL PREVIOUS COURSES, excluding Synastry. You will need to have a good working knowledge of the introductory, advanced and esoteric courses to understand and complete4 this course to a degree of competency.

This course introduces the pioneering work of astrologer Leoni Hodgson and shows how to find disease and illness using the natal chart. This course is made up of two parts - an introductory section that introduces all of the course elements and a series of Zoom classes conducted by Leoni Hodgson that will walk you through working with disease and psychological illness using the natal astrology chart.

Leoni's work is a fusion of traditional astrology, esoteric astrology and eastern wisdom and takes a pioneering approach to working with and identifying illness and disease using astrology. This course provides an exciting opportunity for astrologers, energy workers and healers to extend the list of services they offer and to take a new look at illness in their work.

A digital manual is included with this course and it covers the fundamentals of Leoni's work. But to truly get the most out of this course I strongly recommend purchasing her book and using it as companion content as you attend the Zoom classes. You can find her book Medical Astrology - Discovering The Psychology Of Disease Using Triangles on Amazon, Booktopia and the Book Depository.

You'll work with the Seven Rays, Chakras, planets and signs to unlock the components of illness.

Two special extra lessons are also included by guest Udemy instructor Nickolas Mparalos about how Reiki uses the energy of the Seven Rays to heal. You can find Nickolas on Udemy by searching for his name or for Reiki.

This is an expert level course. You will need to have completed my Introductory, Advanced and Esoteric astrology courses before taking on the content of this course.


Course Curriculum

Course Preparation

Course Introduction

  • The Work Of Leoni Hodgson
  • The Seven Rays - Introduction
  • Ray 1
  • Ray 2
  • Ray3
  • Ray 4
  • Ray 5
  • Ray 6
  • Ray 7
  • Extra Lesson - The Seven Rays with Nickolas Mparalos
  • Extra Lesson - The Seven Rays & Reiki with Nickolas Mparalos
  • Introducing The Chakras & The Etheric Web
  • Fire Signs & Medical Astrology
  • Earth Signs & Medical Astrology
  • Air Signs & Medical Astrology
  • Water Signs & Medical Astrology
  • Planets  & Medical Astrology
  • Zoom Classes With Leoni Hodgson
  • Session One - Course Goals & Overview
  • Session Two - Mythology& Signs - Body & Disease - Sun To Venus
  • Session Three - Mythology& Signs - Body & Disease - Mars To Pluto
  • Session Four - Using Triangles For Disease Diagnosis
  • Session Five - Timing Of Disease - Progressions, Directions & Transits
  • Session Six - A Structure For Health Readings
  • Who this course is for:
  • Astrologers wishing to expand their sphere of knowledge.
  • LIght and energy workers or healers who wish to incorp[orate medicine into their work.

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