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Meditation Teacher Certification for in-person & recording

Meditation Teacher Certification for in-person & recording

Meditation Teacher / Guide Certification (ACCREDITED) 2023Debra has been teaching meditation since 2008 India study travels and has taught at retreat centers, yoga studios, and coaching 1-1 online. Whether you want to just learn to meditate or want a thorough curriculum to teach yourself,

Courses to get you started

What you'll learn

  • Do you want to become a Certified Meditation Teacher from a solid program?
  • Learn mandatory ways to safely guide your students in a group with anxiety or PTSD
  • Sound room creation, setting up space (free and low-cost)
  • Sound editing software tutorials for recording & audio room hacks
  • Power of Voice speaking without hesitation in higher vibration
  • Learn how to explain benefits and purpose of the practice to anyone
  • A broad range of meditation systems are explained
  • Become better at meditating with no thoughts popping up
  • Learn to use chakra power with voice for manifesting & energy
  • Learning what your favorite meditation style is and those best suited for you to teach
  • Mindfulness and teaching meditation in a workplace
  • Learn places to teach meditation or sell online
  • How to use sound bowls and music in class (and when not to)


  • A love of meditation
Meditation Teacher / Guide Certification (ACCREDITED) 2023

Debra has been teaching meditation since 2008 India study travels and has taught at retreat centers, yoga studios, and coaching 1-1 online. Whether you want to just learn to meditate or want a thorough curriculum to teach yourself, you will gain benefits and assistance here. Nothing was overlooked in creating this course from guiding in-person diverse groups - writing - recording - marketing. This course is a deep dive into teaching many styles including mindfulness, silent, mantra, and guided. Be the absolute best meditation teacher you can be with this accredited certificate course from a trained meditation teacher with experience in teaching in person and creating recordings. Learn to intuitively teach your best style of meditation (or send samples in to Debra) and get the best training possible to best help students. You can become a well-trained meditation teacher and learn to use the tools of microphones, software recording, stage presence, and publishing in the 64+ lessons. Get Q&A with all subjects and help finding your own voice and style. No matter the style of meditation you prefer, the thorough (yet straight-to-the-point) lessons of this course will help you. Do not stay stagnant with guided meditation practice only- explore many types of mindfulness and meditation.

With personal experience with PTSD and neurodiversity, Debra understands why meditation should be lead with knowledge how to speak and lead those. Tone of voice and safe space are often left out of training and group meditations... yet it is quick to learn. Many of the tools can even help people that say they can't practice due to ADHD (we all have distracted minds now).

Several mental health providers have praised this course for how well it helps them with guiding patients or groups. An important take away is how to lead those with anxiety or in a large group. That is important work.

There are over 64 lessons discussing meditation and guiding. Why to practice, how to meditate, how to sit, how to put your hands, whether to lie or sit, where to look, and how to even schedule this in your busy day.

The second half of the course teaches you how to offer meditation to others. It covers all of the main things needed to teach. The subjects of teaching, finding space to teach, guiding those in class with traumas, finding your voice, speaking with confidence, energy healing voice, recording for apps, and how to sell and market yourself are covered. It also details why to teach meditation and that it is not all about money... but why it is okay to charge to meditation. There is a proper certification exam with a meditation recording approval at the end of the course.

After completing, you can send messages to get intuitive, knowledgeable coaching about what type of meditation teaching suits you. Past students have developed creative meditations to share with the entire world on YouTube and apps.

Not just Udemy recorded lessons! Live video Q&A to help your learning and add on to any style of meditation you wish to hear more about.

How this course stands out:

Through the Udemy message board, you have the ability to get advice from the teacher always within 24 hours and other students- about scripts or YouTube or meditation apps or to connect to a meditation teacher community. This allows us to learn together. This course was designed by an instructional designer to be very thorough in teaching everything you need to know in a visually pleasing manner with nearly 4 hours content.


A Udemy certificate is given automatically after completion. A 2nd accredited certificate is offered for free through the submission of a simple recorded meditation sample to Debra (not required for certification but adds proof you tested with actual teaching to get the 2nd certificate). Do not worry- audio quality is not judged unless requested by the student. **Again, 2nd certificate or sample submission is not required to get Udemy branded certificate but Udemy is not an accredited school.**

How to get a better practice yourself? Get tips in setting a practice. Recorded meditations from Debra Wilder are included to practice with. Learn how to meditate silently without guided meditations or music. Learn tips that can help you think less in meditation.

Heal your body and increase energy with relaxing breathing exercises, chakras, and visualizing meditations.

All of the main styles of meditation are covered. You can also use it to assist in teaching another style. The tips work for all.

The technical parts of teachings are covered such as choosing microphones and how to edit audio specifically for guided meditation.

As a teacher of meditation, you will have a grounded spot to offer your style of teaching. You can teach in-person at studios, retreats, your workplace or go strictly online. I cover everything I have learned in my teaching since 2009.

What is mindfulness? How is it different than meditation?

How do you teach classes with trauma or PTSD students? Why is it highly important to know especially after 2020? Should they have eyes open or closed? Are group classes for everyone? Is chanting for everyone? Silent? People with higher anxiety and PTSD have special needs normally ignored in meditation programs. Even guided meditations can be too much for introverts unless done in a certain manner. Let's make meditation accessible for all.

The transitional time of 2022 requires knowledge of how to teach for transitions... leaving work-from-home, making new friends, crowded areas, new careers, dating, and mindfulness around challenging transitions.

How do you instruct in a pleasant way rather than jarring way or uncertainty?

This course teaches deeper than other courses: focus, rewiring the brain, PTSD, anxiety, teaching in office settings, and making more money teaching private coaching.

With the course, you will expect a high level of broad knowledge, a certification that includes a listening of your meditation sample with insight and support. You will have gone through everything to be an excellent teacher or guide of meditation. Studios, phone apps, tech offices, and workshop students will be gifted with your expert offerings in this thorough course. You will receive a Udemy certificate and one from Debra's school.

This would cost high ticket elsewhere, but it is offered here at a price to make it accessible worldwide per country to everyone.

Debra Wilder has been teaching meditation since going to train in India in 2008 and later opening a meditation center. She is certified as a teacher trainer through Laughter Yoga International University (India) and several yoga teacher training programs as well as a Tantra meditation teacher. She began practicing meditation in 2003 from books, local yoga ashrams and Buddhist centers. In 2008, she traveled to India and Asia learning meditation and then teaching in retreat centers. Meditation not only helped her in self-development but her career in E-Learning instructional design which requires high amounts of detailed focus. She practices and teaches many different types of meditation, but her primary two are silent meditation and Tantra energy movement meditations (which she is one of few in the world who teaches). No matter your background or your student's background, she can offer a style of meditation that works. She believes that as meditation guides we help people and help the world be better. You can count on the most thorough course possible with quick responses to questions and samples. She lives in St Pete, Florida offering meditation.

Who this course is for:

  • Practitioners that want to learn more types of meditations
  • People that want to be able to use softwares and microphones
  • People that want more meaning in life providing a service to help others in the best way (no ego)

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