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The Complete Guide to Unity 3D : Making an Action Shooter

The Complete Guide to Unity 3D : Making an Action Shooter

The Complete Guide to Unity 3D : Making an Action Shooter. Level up your C# and Unity knowledge and create your very own Action-Shooter.


What you'll learn

  • Learn C#, a modern versatile programming language.
  • Develop strong and transferrable problem-solving skills.
  • Learn Object-Oriented Programming in Real-World Scenarios
  • Acquire a Comprehensive Understanding of Game Design Principles
  • Create playable game projects - good for your portfolio, or just for your own sense of achievement.
  • Write Clean, Maintainable Code and Design Scalable Game Architectures


  • PC or Mac capable of running Unity 2020 or later
  • Basics of C# will be helpful, but not required.
  • Ideal for motivated beginners ready for a rewarding challenge.
Ready to level up your game-making skills and step into the world of 3D game creation? Look no further than this comprehensive and standalone course, designed to take you through the process step by step, even if you have no previous experience in game development.

I've even included a 1.5 - hour crash course for those who have zero knowledge in Unity.  While it's better to have some experience and knowledge of C#, don't worry if you don't have it, because I'll cover everything you need to know to create an astonishing action-packed video game.

A unique asset pack of 3D models was created specifically for this course. Once you complete the course, you can keep these along with the scripts you'll create and use them however you like.

  • Throughout this course, you'll learn how to create a versatile player controller using an Entity Component System (ECS).    You'll discover how to setup New Input System, how to animate 3D characters, manage camera controls, and understand the essentials of 3D physics, including colliders, mass, and velocity.
  • Moving forward in the course, we focus on how to create an advanced and expandable weapons system, essential for any shooter game.  This includes creating a variety of weapons and learning how to setup both the logic and animations for visuals to bring them to life in your shooter game.
  • We're going to place a heavy focus on optimizing game performance and personal workflow to ensure the FPS doesn't drop below 120 and your project does not turn into an unmanageable disaster. At the end of each section, we'll clean up the project, and you'll have access to my projects for downloading.  This allows you to double-check your work or start from a specific point of the course, if you wish to do so.
  • In the next part of the course, you'll learn to craft challenging enemies for your game's enemies.  We're going to create melee enemies with different weapons and attack sets who use shields for protection, dodge your bullets, and throw items at you.  Ranged enemies can use covers to hide, throw grenades, and advance from different angles.  We'll also introduce two bosses with unique abilities.  All of this will serve as a great example for you to become very sophisticated in enemy AI design.
  • Then, we're going to learn how to design procedural level generation.  This system will allow you to create an endless number of levels, significantly reducing development time and ensuring that your game offers fresh, engaging content for players every time they play.
  • To improve gameplay even further, we're going to develop a quest system.  You will learn how to create different missions and setup different goals for the player.
  • Next, we'll build a functional and scalable UI to bring your game to completion. 
  • Then, we're elevating the experience by integrating new gameplay element - CARS! You'll master creating a versatile car system, allowing you to fine-tune vehicle behavior in every way possible.
  • We'll finish the course by adding an audio system and visual polish, making your game not only engaging and fun to play but transforming it into an immersive experience that's both visually stunning and audibly rich. This phase includes smoothing out bugs and enhancing mechanics, ensuring every aspect of your game shines and operates seamlessly. 
  • It’s about elevating your game's overall quality, ensuring it’s not just functional but exceptionally polished.
  • After mastering these comprehensive skills and polishing your game to perfection, it will be time to celebrate your significant achievement. This course isn't just about learning; it's about recognizing the hard work you've put into transforming your dream game into reality!
And there you have it! A journey from the basics to a fully polished, high-quality video game.
And you can start that journey with a single click. 

Enroll in the course today and learn how to create games you've always wanted.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to make a high-quality video game.
  • Anyone who wants to make shooter, survival, or roguelike.
  • People who want to create and publish their own games.
  • Beginners with an interest in learning game development.
  • Developers who want to re-skill across to game
  • People interested in working in the game design industry.
  • Enthusiasts eager for a deep dive into game mechanics and Unity's potential.

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